Olson Memorial Library gets $1.6M grant for renovations, technology Submitted: 10/10/2013
EAGLE RIVER - A huge grant for Olson Memorial Library in Eagle River will help make its dream come true. The library is getting more than $1 million dollars for renovations. The money is coming from the Tawani foundation in Chicago. A library representative says he was surprised at how much money they received. "We were all blown away. We knew that it would take some resources," says Phil Jensen, chairman of the capital campaign.

The renovations will add more space to the library. They will also get wireless internet, more books, and computers. The library now feels it can become the center of the community. "It's where the community gathers. A lot of communities in the Northwoods are realizing libraries are changing. They're not going away, they're changing to adapt to the times,"said Jensen. With modern technology and more space, the library will be able to better serve the community.

Story By: Kalia Baker

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