Kids learn how a farm works Submitted: 10/06/2013
MERRILL - Most kids know about farms. But some don't know how farms used to work. That's why a farm opens it's door to the public every year. Grandpa's Farm is a real working farm. Kids and their parents had the chance to milk a cow, hit fake deer with an apple and enjoy a puppet show.

The owner of Grandpa's farm started this four years ago so kids can get an understanding of how a farm works. "My wife and I feel that it used to be everybody had a grandpa, uncle or somebody in the rural area on a farm. That's just not the case anymore," said Grandpa's Farm owner, Jim Severt. "So we wanted to have a place where children and families can come and experience that for a day. Learn where their food comes from, but have a good time too." When the kids leave, the owner wants them to understand where their food comes from. "Less than one percent of the population in this country are now feeding the entire population," said Severt. "I think unfortunately the children do think the milk comes from the grocery store and they don't see beyond that. I'd like them to appreciate the farmers." Grandpa's Farm will be open next Saturday and Sunday. They're only open the first two weeks of October.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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