Women find empowerment at seminar Submitted: 10/05/2013
STEVENS POINT - A man in Stevens Point tried to kidnap a little girl four weeks ago. That has some people on high alert. One organization wants to make all women aware of their surroundings. Today was the first women empowered safety event. Stations consisted of bar and campus safety, self defense and kickboxing. Personal Safety Instructors say threats don't only happen in big cities.

"The date drug, I think we've had five experiences in Central Wisconsin yet this year," said personal safety instructor, Jose Livingston. "There is an opportunity for women to understand that this doesn't just happen in big cities. It's coming. It's here. We need to find effective ways to deal with it." Cindy Shaw was one of the women who attended. She was almost raped when she was a teenager. Shaw says she was left alone with a man she barely knew anything about. She wants college students to be more aware when they go to parties. "Kids now a days, it's got to be worse now than it was then. I mean people go to parties all the time," Shaw said. "You have to start watching your surroundings. If a flag comes up, if you feel it, get out of there." The nonprofit will be planning another women safety event in December.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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