Man charged with killing wife back in court Submitted: 10/01/2013
PARK FALLS - The Park Falls man accused of killing his wife returns to court today. Police believe William Rambo stabbed his wife to death IN Park Falls in August. Police think Rambo threatened to do exactly that two weeks earlier. Park Falls police found Dawn Rambo with several stab wounds around 5:30 August 22nd. She later died at Flambeau Hospital.

Prosecutors say William Rambo threatened to kill Dawn with a knife August 9th. That led to battery and domestic abuse charges. In police interviews, the couple said they had gotten into a fight over their 11-year-old son's curfew. Dawn told police her husband stood over her with a knife and threatened to kill her. Rambo is in Price County Jail on a half-million dollars bond. He's due back in court today in Park Falls.

Story By: Newswatch 12 Newsteam

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