Shopko Hometown in Tomahawk nears end of construction Submitted: 09/23/2013
TOMAHAWK - Big name retail stores often draw attention, especially when they make their way to a small town. Construction on the new Hometown Shopko in Tomahawk began just 10 weeks ago. Director of Public Works Mike Tolvstad says the building is valued at 2.6 million dollars. The property taxes from that building will go right back to the city of Tomahawk. "The dollars from that $2.6 million is about $54,000 a year [in property taxes]. That money will go back into the TIFF to pay for the improvements such as streets, the sewer, street lighting and things like that," says Tolvstad.

Those city improvements are not the only benefit for people in Tomahawk. The 14-acre lot the new Shopko sits on has plenty of space for more businesses. Tolvstad has already heard from some companies interested in the space. Even before any businesses are added, Shopko alone will create 17 full-time jobs. "Any time you can add jobs, that's important. And 17? That's a pretty big deal. If we could have somebody that would bring 100 jobs, that would be great," says Tolvstad. "But the reality is small retailers such as Hometown Shopko is going to be the kind of businesses that we have come in the future. "But any time you can add jobs, that's a good thing." The Shopko Hometown stores are different than regular Shopkos. They're designed specifically for smaller towns. The Tomahawk location is the newest location in the Northwoods.

Story By: Kalia Baker

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