Northwoods Spotlight - Youth Waterfowl Hunt Sept 18 Submitted: 09/18/2013
- Clayton Hahn and Jackson Nelson didn't mind the early wake up call on Sunday. The 13-year olds, armed with 20 gauges... hunkered down in a duck blind to take a crack at waterfowl hunting. Jackson says, "I think the adrenaline rush the whole time just made us go." Clayton adds, "I was tapping my foot for probably an hour straight just waiting for more ducks to come in." "Probably the best part about the youth hunt is getting to watch birds work really well," Jeff Van Remortel (WDH Guide Service) explains. "And getting to watch young excited shooters pound on them at close range."

Clayton's dad Dan Hahn was just as excited to watch his son succeed in the hunt. "We thought it'd be a great opportunity to get the boys into hunting. To give them an opportunity to get out in the field and get their feet wet." The youth waterfowl hunt gives kids from 10-15 the chance to come out and give it a try with a mentor, the weekend before the regular season begins. Clayton felt prepared before the hunt. "I did a lot of research on duck hunting and we ended up getting 10," said a proud Clayton. "It was pretty cool." The boys had a great time, but they were also taught valuable lessons. "Jeff stressed safety a lot which was very important," Jackson explained. One of the goals of the program is recruitment, and after this trip, it's clear Jackson and Clayton will remain avid hunters. Clayton says, "It's probably the most fun I've had all year." Jackson adds, "This was definitely one of the best hunting trips I've ever been on. I'll remember it for the rest of my life."

Story By: Marisa Silvas

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