Democrats explore ways to make tuition, college debt more manageable in northcentral Wisconsin Submitted: 09/16/2013
WAUSAU - Student loans saddle Americans with more than $1 trillion of debt. Meanwhile, college costs continue to rise steadily. University of Wisconsin System tuitions increased about 20% in the last five years alone. The tuition and debt problem hits students and graduates hard.

"If you have a four-year degree in the state of Wisconsin, you're paying for 18.7 years on your student loan. If you have a two-year degree, it's 16.7," says One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. "It's ridiculous. I'm just trying to get a degree, I'm just trying to get a job. I'm going to be paying for this job essentially for the rest of my life. It's like indentured servitude to the state," says UW-Marathon County Student Government President Cole Harder. Wisconsin Legislative Democrats have made fighting high college costs and student debt levels a priority. They took their message to UW-Marathon County today. They believe those financial challenges hurt Wisconsin's larger economy. "It's critical for us, both now and in the future. We don't want to see students coming out with huge amounts of debt burden that they're prohibited from buying a home, or from living the American dream like their parents have," says Stevens Point Democratic Sen. Julie Lassa. Wisconsin Democrats hope to draw attention to the tuition and debt issue. Their actual effectiveness in writing bills might be limited. They remain in the minority in both the Senate and Assembly.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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