Logging company: DNR wildfire findings "inaccurate and incomplete" Submitted: 09/13/2013
RIB LAKE - A Rib Lake logging company slammed the DNR over accusations surrounding the huge Douglas County wildfire in May. Earlier this week, the DNR billed Ray Duerr Logging Company $600,000. The DNR says the logging company's negligence caused the 7,500 acre fire to start and spread.

DNR officials also accused Ray Duerr Logging of failing to maintain equipment that could have stopped the fire and covering up information about that equipment. A Ray Duerr attorney in Medford now calls the DNR's information "incomplete and inaccurate". The logging company will contest the $600,000 dollar bill. The Lyme Timber Company owns most of the land that burned. It's still adding up the damage to its land. But on Friday the landowners told us it would be substantial. The total damage will be at least a million dollars.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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