Illegal dumping a problem in Oneida County forests Submitted: 09/10/2013
ONEIDA COUNTY - People enjoy coming to Oneida County because of its beautiful forests. But a few people are ruining that experience by dumping trash in the forest. The Oneida County Forestry Department had to close 3 miles of ATV trails. Those trails were on private industrial property.

"The land owner recently rescinded their land use agreement with the county and one of the reasons they cited was the dumping of garbage that they're finding along the trail on their property," says Oneida County Forest Director John Bilogan. The county did add another 3 miles of trails. But they're in a different part of the county. The Forestry Department wants to make clear that the dumping was not from ATVers. They find large, pick-up truck- size loads like TVs, refrigerators, and roofing shingles. Dumping in the forest may save some people money, but it costs the county and the taxpayer more. "We collect it so we have time, effort spent doing that when we could be doing other things more productive for the general public and we also have to take it to the dump and pay the same tipping fees which again go against our budget, and ultimately the taxpayers are paying for it," Bilogan adds. The Department says it does catch a lot of people with surveillance cameras, and reports from people who see the dumping. The county is working with the Sheriff's office and may increase the fine to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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