Hext Theatre expands Submitted: 09/09/2013
RHINELANDER - Performing arts lovers in Rhinelander will soon need to walk across the street to see performances. But that change will reward theatergoers with a bigger and better experience. The Hext Theatre recently moved out of the Brown Street Mall to a much larger location across the street. It's a month away from opening.

"We were limited to 50 seats. We really liked it down there. It was a good place but after two years we were doing well with it and we realized it was time to expand the business and make it a little bigger," says Hext Theatre co-owner Jim Hext. Hext and his wife, Lori, opened the original theatre in 2011. Their son Zach is a magician. He was the main inspiration for opening the theatre because there was nowhere for him to perform. The theatre has since given local performers a place to showcase their talent. "We want to offer things that people don't really find in Rhinelander. Comedy shows, you know, improv, magic shows, music. And for the music we want to offer stuff that, you know, like again like I said, that you don't find. We had a fiddler that was over there, Tess Stevens, who was really good, bluegrass bands," Hext adds. The new theatre will have 150 seats. Comedians from out of state will perform each month. They also hope to have plays now that the theatre is three times bigger than before. The theatre will also have a cafe.

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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