WI Secretary of Revenue: We may not get to 250k jobs mark in Gov's first term Submitted: 09/06/2013
TOMAHAWK - People in the Northwoods want jobs, but a sluggish economy can hurt growth. Helping to promote more jobs is one reason Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation formed in 2004. They try and bring together economic groups to accomplish that goal. Wisconsin Secretary of Revenue Rick Chandler spoke to the group Friday in Tomahawk. He hopes changes in taxes attract more business and therefore more jobs.

"That involves reducing individual income taxes, creating new business with tax incentives and other things that make our tax structure more competitive," Chandler said. Chandler is an appointee of Governor Scott Walker. We wanted to know if Walker could still reach his 250,0000 jobs promise in his first term. "We're making progress in that area and we may not get all the way to 250,000," Chandler said. "I think it's good as an ambitious goal to reach for and everything we can do to get closer to that goal will help." That's similar to Walker's statement on August 28th, to the Business Journal. "By any measure whether it's 100,000, 150,000, 149,000 or 249,000 or whatever it might be we went from losing jobs to gaining jobs," Walker said. Walker spoke to a conservative group in Seattle Thursday night with 300 protesters outside. As the 2014 election gets closer, he can probably expect to answer that jobs question a few more times.

Story By: Adam Fox

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