Walker administration nears release of healthcare exchange rate, plan information Submitted: 08/30/2013
WISCONSIN - Fewer than five weeks remain before sign-ups begin for the new online health insurance marketplaces in Wisconsin. But Governor Scott Walker's administration has yet to release details on what plans and rates people can choose from. The online sign-ups will start October 1. The Affordable Care Act requires the healthcare exchanges to take effect in January.

States like Ohio and Florida have already made rate information publically available. On Monday, Governor Walker said more details would be released within a week. "Politically, I still have questions about Obamacare. In the end, it's the law, and we're going to make sure that people have as much access to information as they need," he said. Governor Walker has consistently opposed the Affordable Care Act and its implementation. But one of Wisconsin's U.S. Senators continues to strongly support the legislation. "I think it's really high time that people of all political stripes put politics aside and instead focus on the progress we need to make together to make this work," said Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin. The state-by-state marketplaces are designed to transform the way individuals and small businesses buy private health insurance.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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