Possible electrical fire destroys house Submitted: 08/26/2013
CONOVER - A family in Conover will come home to a destroyed house. A fire started in the basement of a home in Conover around 11:30 this morning. Power company workers alerted the Vilas County Sheriff's department. They said they could smell smoke while they were working on Hunter Lake Road. Conover, Eagle River and Land O' Lakes fire departments helped put out the fire. Nobody was home at the time.

Conover Fire Chief Gary Vold isn't exactly sure how the fire started. "Right now it's kind of undetermined. We had a heavy lightning storm last night, rolled through here," Vold said. "If that ignited something a lot of lightning and stuff, but it's undetermined right now what started it or the origin of the fire." The chief thought they'd be working the rest of the afternoon to clear out the house. He says it's pretty common for this to happen during a thunder storm. "Lightning can strike a tree and it could travel underground. It could hit the house," said Vold. "I don't know if lightning hit the house or exactly what happened, but we have quite a few fires from electrical." Crews saved a few items, but Vold believes the house is a total loss.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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