Footstock lets local skiers compete with national champions Submitted: 08/25/2013
CRANDON - You would think most national sports competitions end up in big cities. But when it comes to figure eight endurance barefoot skiing, the national competition calls the Northwoods home. More than a thousand people came out for Footstock in Crandon this weekend. It's the home of the National Figure Eight Endurance Barefoot Championships. Skiiers compete one on one, head to head. First one to fall loses.

Coming into this year, Pete Fleck had won Footstock six times. He lives in Florida, but makes the trip every year. "There are guys I have competed against that are still competing here since we were 13-years-old," Fleck said. "You know that's a lot of fun." Anyone who knows how to ski can register to compete. That means national champions can go up against local skiers. Crandon native Jacob Weber helped put this year's tournament together and also competed. He says lake conditions even the playing field. "Those national champions are used to skiing on very calm water," Weber said. "Us show skiiers are used to rough water,so it actually becomes even and it gives everybody a chance." Pete Fleck won this years Open National Figure Eight Championship. The victory gives Fleck was his third consecutive open title and bumped his all-time victory total to a record setting seven. Fleck beat Chad Mietz of Wisconsin. Jacob Weber took third.

Story By: Adam Fox

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