Bear spotted near apartments Submitted: 08/23/2013
RHINELANDER - When you live in the Northwoods, it's likely you'll see a bear every now and then. But you probably wouldn't want to see it near your porch. Residents at the Davenport Street Estates apartment complex in Rhinelander saw a bear two weeks ago. Property Manager Jenna Cook contacted the DNR immediately. She's seen bears near the apartment before, but this time she thinks the bears were attracted to the bird feeders.

"I grew up in Rhinelander, grew up in the town of crescent. I was used to seeing bears, having them around," said Cook. "I grew up with my dad having bird feeders and always take them down at night so the bear wouldn't come in to the yard. So when I heard about it, my first initial reaction was, yep, bird feeders have to go." The DNR estimates there's more than 18 thousand bears in the Wisconsin. DNR Wildlife biologist Jeremy Holtz says it's common to see young bears because they're looking for food and entertainment. "There's always some kind of flesh of activity when you get into late June and early mid-July," Holtz said. "These young animals come in and they're just not as smart enough to stay away from people and they get into trouble." Holtz wants to remind people that it's illegal to feed bears. If you do see a bear near your home, contact the DNR.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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