Ship program questioned by federal watchdog group Submitted: 08/21/2013
MILWAUKEE - A federal watchdog agency questions a program that benefits a shipyard in Marinette. The U.S. Navy's is spending 40-billion dollars on the littoral combat ship program. It supports more than 12-hundred jobs in Wisconsin and pumps millions of dollars into the state's economy. The Government Accountability Office is questioning whether the warships perform as expected.

Two key lawmakers are also raising questions. Marinette Marine, based in Marinette, has already built two ships. Four others are under construction. They're designed for quick modification. For example, a ship's anti-submarine package could be quickly swapped out for a mine-warfare package. But the GAO says the completed ships aren't performing as expected. The Navy says it's not giving up the program. It wants 52 of the high-speed warships over 15 years, at a cost of over 40-billion dollars. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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