Oneida County Board considers boathouse ordinance Submitted: 08/20/2013
ONEIDA COUNTY - The long talk about boathouses on Oneida County's lakes will go on for at least another month. The Oneida County board has been considering an ordinance that would allow flat-roof boathouses. Under the ordinance, lakefront homeowners could expand the size of piers and decks. The ordinance would also allow flat topped boathouses on the shorelines.

But Oneida County Board Supervisor Bob Martini worries the land owners will be impacted by this. "They're also having economic impacts and convenience impacts on every land owner who will ever own that property once that boathouse is in place," said Martini. "So boathouses aren't really necessary and it seems to me a bad public policy to perpetuate this problem." Joel Knutson is the Town of Crescent Supervisor. One of his main concerns is that the native shore lines could be at risk with boathouses close to the shore. "If you talk to fisherman, one of the biggest problems that we have other than aquatic invasive plants is the lack of native habitat for our existing fish population to survive and thrive." Knutson said. The issue was supposed to be on today's board meeting agenda, but it was moved to next month.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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