Lay's contest winner back in the Northwoods Submitted: 08/16/2013
RHINELANDER - Do you remember the Wisconsin contestant for the Lay's chips competition? The Northwoods most unique millionaire showed off her creation in Rhinelander today. Karen Weber-Mendham won Frito-Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" contest. She lives in Land O Lakes. She was at Trig's in Rhinelander today to meet people and have them sample the new flavored chips.

Karen invented the cheesy garlic bread flavor. When Karen first found out she won, her reaction was a little muted. "I never thought that far ahead. I mean the whole thing was such a fun ride, and I got to do all these really cool things," said Mendham. "We were all getting $50,000. All three contestants were guaranteed that. I never really went that far. So it hasn't sunk in. It still hasn't sunk in." Karen will either win a million dollars or one percent from sales of her chips. She says she wants her life to stay the same. "My life's not going to change. I work at the Land O Lakes Library. I'm a children's librarian and I'm keeping my job, nothing exciting," Mendham said. "We're gonna spend the money on college for kids, for our three kids." Karen will be at Trig's in Eagle River next Saturday.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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