Powell Marsh Master Plan Input Submitted: 08/16/2013
MANITOWISH WATERS - Throughout the Northwoods you can find many small environments among the thick trees. But one large expanse of land you wouldn't expect to find among the forest has an uncertain future. A future that you can even play a part in. DNR Wildlife Biologist Michele Woodford recalls one of her experiences at the marsh. "This whole area was open and there were literally thousands of ducks. We had a thousand blue wing tails, a thousand green wing tails, and pin tails, and horned grebes that came up and are pretty rare to the area. It was just amazing the number of birds that were flying. It's a bird watchers heaven." It's called the Powell Marsh in Manitowish Waters. Where the forest seems to magnificently open up to a vast wetland, home to all sorts of wildlife and recreational activity. "We think of Northern Wisconsin as being mostly forested," says Woodford. "But there was a time when loggers came and cut most of Northern Wisconsin. So there was a lot of open areas and because of all of the burning that occurred in this area, this area stayed open, to this semi-marsh that it is." The DNR has been regulating this land since, roughly, the 1950s. You can do many things on the land like pick berries, hunt, trap, and bird watch to name a few. But developing a master plan for land regulation with all of these activities in mind can be difficult, says Woodford. "We want to protect species of greatest conservation need and enhance their habitats whenever possible. One of the other things we want to do is to maintain and enhance hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing, and other compatible recreation activities and public access within the property." They want you to help them decide which direction the marsh's future will take. A meeting on August 24th will lay out a few scenarios for how the land will be managed. Your input could help shape its future for the next 15years. More information can be found at the link below. http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Lands/MasterPlanning/PowellMarsh/

Story By: Ryan Michaels

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