Oneida Co. sued, Hwy Y construction on hold Submitted: 08/02/2013
RHINELANDER - You won't see construction on county highway Y in western Oneida County soon. The project is on hold. Funds are in jeopardy. That's because the county is being sued. It started with a May 30th decision in the Public Works Department. Oneida County hired a company called Pitlik and Wick to do construction on Highway Y. In meetings, the county's legal counsel warned they could be sued. That's because Northeast Asphalt's bid was $1400 less than Pitlik and Wick's.

State law requires the county to pick the lowest bid. They didn't and now the county is being sued. Jim Tyler, Pelican Lake, and Nicholas Schreurs, Three Lakes, weren't with any of the bidding companies. But they brought the case because they think the county is being unfair. Schreurs thinks the county is playing favorites. "The county is playing favorites and I hope they pick the lowest bidder and keep the process fair," Schreurs said in a phone interview. Newswatch 12 contacted the entire Oneida County Public Works Committee. They wouldn't comment. The court case means the project is on hold. Construction was scheduled to begin on July 8th, but it hasn't even started. The delay could cost the county $250,000 dollars in state funding. That money would come only if the construction was finished in a certain window. The The county has sent a letter to the state asking for more time. That's because Oneida Co. Judge Michael Bloom has suspended the project during litigation. In the meantime, drivers on highway Y wait for repairs.

Story By: Adam Fox

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