UW Trout Lake Station opens center, focuses on invasive species Submitted: 08/02/2013
BOULDER JUNCTION - Mother Nature means a lot to the Northwoods. The environment supports the plants and animals that make this such a beautiful place. But invasive species can threaten that balance. That's why the UW Trout Lake Station held an open house in Boulder Junction Friday. The center showed examples of non-native plants and animals you can now find in the Northwoods.

Tim Kratz is the director at the station. He has worked there for more than 30 years. He believes people from the area can use the information from open house. "One of the challenges for us is to make that research available to the people that use the area," Kratz said. " We try to make what we do at the station more relevant to the local population and the people that come and visit this wonderful area. Others like Sam Oliver work at the station for school. She studies small lakes and their importance to the Northwoods. "These small lakes are cycling nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon and they are really active sites," Oliver said. "Even though people dont live on them they're performing functions for the ecosystem that are really important." The Trout Lake Station does research for the U-W Center for Limnology in Madison. Its studies help the Northwoods maintain its environment. They also prepare and study possible threats to the area.

Story By: Adam Fox

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