Couple celebrates anniversary by returning to beerfest where they met Submitted: 07/27/2013
MINOCQUA - Plenty of fun things can happen at a beerfest in the Northwoods. But you probably wouldn't plan on going there to find your future spouse. Well that's what happened to Paul Field and Liz Brodek at the Lac Du Flambaeu Brewfest. They met last year while Field was working at the event. The two of them still can't believe how they met. "It's crazy, completely unexpected," Brodek said.

"It happened early in the beer fest which i think is important," Field said. This year the couple celebrates their anniversary at the festival. The band even honored the couple. Looking back, Field says he didn't notice Brodek at first. "The second she said she wanted something hoppier, i started paying attention to who I was talking to," Field said. "At a beer fest you are just pouring a lot beers and once I actually took a look and saw her it was love at first sight." The couple is planning to get married next August.

Story By: Adam Fox

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