Federal court trial over night deer hunting is underway Submitted: 07/22/2013
MADISON - A Federal trial starts TODAY to determine whether Chippewa tribes can hunt deer at night. The state DNR has banned hunting deer at night for safety reasons. The Chippewa agreed to follow the rule two decades ago. But the tribes believe things have changed. That's because the DNR allowed night deer hunting to fight chronic wasting disease.

They also let hunters go after wolves at night this past fall. The trial began in U.S. District Court in Madison with testimony from Jason Stark, a policy analyst on tribal treaty rights. Neither side offered opening statements. Tribal treaty rights analyst Kekek Jason Stark said Monday the wolf hunt triggered the tribe's push for night deer hunting. The DNR still maintains the tribes' plan is too dangerous. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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