Children learn how to identify feathers and fur Submitted: 07/19/2013
THREE LAKES - Kids love to go out and explore things. That keeps them busy in the summer. But playing in the woods can be a great learning opportunity. Children and their parents learned about identifying animals by the texture of the fur and patterns on the feathers. Trees For Tomorrow held the program at the Three Lakes Library.

Naturalist Jessica Hepker says sometimes you need a little help in identifying things in the woods. "They can use field guides outside to help them figure out what animals are which," said Hepker. "Even if you don't have the entire animal to look at, what if you find a tooth or a jaw bone or a feather? What kind of animal are we looking at just by using these field guides." Even though today's class was held inside, Hepker also have classes in the great outdoors. "We find this stuff outside when we're hiking with the kids and so we're constantly doing this class all the time," Hepker said. "And it kind of intertwines with the other classes that we do." Today's class was free.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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