Ordinance: Flat-top boathouses ok, could also move closer to shore Submitted: 07/17/2013
RHINELANDER - You could see more boathouses popping up on Oneida County's lakes. That's because the county board is considering an ordinance that would allow flat-roof boathouses. Under the ordinance, lakefront homeowners could expand the size of piers and decks. Another part of the ordinance would allow flat-topped boathouses on the shoreline.

Karl Jennrich is with the Oneida County planning and zoning department. He worries flat-topped boathouses will turn into decks. "Its a beautiful place to have a deck, but that's not the purpose of a boathouse," Jennrich said. "Its just for the storage of boating related materials and the boat, that's all it was meant to be." That's why the ordinance won't allow decks or railings on new structures. The DNR and Oneida County are currently in charge of regulating piers and boathouses. Jean Roach lives on Pelican Lake. She thinks the county board should get more involved and should keep boathouses 75 feet from the shoreline. "The Oneida County Board really has a responsibility to balance business interest and developers and the resource and the protection of the resource," Roach said. The ordinance still needs approval from the county board. It is not yet clear when the board will vote on the ordinance.

Story By: Adam Fox

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