Twinkies hit Northwoods store shelves Submitted: 07/15/2013
RHINELANDER - You can buy Twinkies again! Ho-Ho's, Ding Dongs and cupcakes are ALSO back on the shelves today. You might remember when Hostess filed for bankrupcy in January. Now new owners are producing the snack and bringing Twinkies back to stores everywhere. People have been calling the Rhinelander Walmart store about the treat for days.

"We set them out on Saturday, and the first day we set them we sold over 100 units, we're averaging over 100 a day, they're going pretty fast," said Walmart assistant store manager Dan Nelson. We found Joel Garcia of Sugar Camp picking up some Twinkies this morning. He says the snack is a household name. "Being 42 years old and eating them in the early 70's and all of the sudden not being able to get them on the shelf for a while, kinda hits home a little bit. So now that they're back, I'm a little excited. So I'm picking up some for co-workers, friends and for personal use," said Garcia. Hostess says Snoballs and Suzy-Q's will join their other snack friends in few months.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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