Green Bay man donates 100th gallon of blood Submitted: 07/13/2013
GREEN BAY - Most of us try to donate blood as much as we can, but one Green Bay man takes that to the extreme. Bill Waerzeggers began donating in 1970. Friday, he donated his 100th gallon of blood. His blood type is O-negative, which means anyone can take his blood. Every two weeks, bill makes a donation of platelets too.

"I think there was a more desire for me to help out a different facet of people who are in need of red blood cells or platelets," Waerzeggers said. "The platelets I give go to cancer and leukemia patients and it's their, it's realistically one of their last chances to survive the disease that they have unfortunately been blessed with." The Red Cross says 100 gallons of blood could possibly save over 2000 lives. 38 percent of people are eligible to donate blood; However, only eight percent actually do.

Story By: Adam Fox

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