Walker leaves state often; may hint at presidential run Submitted: 07/12/2013
NATIONWIDE - Republicans across the country want to hear from governor. Scott Walker has spoken to mostly Republican audiences in at least 12 different states in the past five months alone. Earlier this week, Walker headlined a major fundraiser for the Indiana Republican Party. On that same day, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was meeting small business owners in Rhinelander.

We asked her why the Indiana fundraiser trumped his time at home in Wisconsin. "The Governor is a very in-demand speaker because the Wisconsin idea is one that has captured the imagination of this entire country. We have done really wonderful things in Wisconsin," Kleefisch said. Here are some of the places Walker has appeared since March: Virginia Beach, VA; National Harbor, MD; Washington, DC; Dallas, TX; Coral Gables, FL; Fayetteville, AR; Carson City, NV; Indianapolis, IN; Stamford, CT; New York City; Des Moines, IA; and Beverly Hills, CA. That's according to sources including the Wisconsin State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Capital Times, TheRun2016, and Wisconsin Reporter. It might look a little like a presidential candidate's travel schedule. Presidential ambition is likely driving Walker's schedule, at least in part. David Catanese created TheRun2016, a website that tracks presidential maneuvering. He's a former NBC and Politico contributor. "This is a guy who wants to get to know Republican party activists in every state, all over the country, to get familiar with them, to start forging relationships, that is looking toward a 2016 presidential run," Catanese told us. TheRun2016 reports Walker will headline a golf outing next Tuesday in Newport Beach, California. It's hosted by the Republican Governor's Association. Catanese puts Walker's chances of running for president above 50 percent. See the link below for more on 2016 presidential projections.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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