Some lawmakers unhappy about armed guards at proposed mine site Submitted: 07/09/2013
ASHLAND - Two northwestern Wisconsin state lawmakers want Gogebic Taconite to remove the armed guards it has employed to protect a proposed mining site. Gogebic spokesman Bob Seitz says the company began using the private security guards because of protests over the project. He claims teams of mining opponents ``violently attacked'' the company's drill site last month. Gogebic is doing test drilling in Ashland and Iron counties.

The company hopes to construct an open-pit iron ore mine and processing plant. Several Ojibwe bands and environmental groups say the project will damage the environment. Senator Bob Jauch, of Poplar, and Representative Janet Bewley, of Ashland, say the company's decision to hire high security guards is `appalling.'' The two Democrats sent a letter to Gogebic's president, calling on him to remove the guards immediately. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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