Super Truck Challenge in Crandon Fri and Sat Submitted: 07/05/2013
CRANDON - For the second straight weekend, Crandon Off Road Raceway is busy. This weekend its the Super Truck Challenge. Mud drag racing, Tug O-war and Burn out competitions are among the events going on tonight and tomorrow. It's open to anyone with a good truck or jeep. One other eye-catching event, an obstacle course for what's called Rockers.

Why rockers - well to get over these rocky hills, wooden steps, and other elements - you generally need to rock. Sometimes you get stuck, eventually you find a way to overcome the obstacle. "It takes skill, you gotta be on your toes," Ryan Pribbernow of Spencer explains. "You gotta know where to pick the right line. It's a challenge. You're not going to take any vehicle, you're not going to take anybody and be like drive to the top." "It's a challenge, you have to be one with the vehicle and take the right line and take it to the top. Great time, I love it." Racing continues Saturday. Registration begins at 9am on Saturday. Racing starts at 10am.

Story By: Joe Dufek

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