Forest County signage program helps slow down drivers Submitted: 07/05/2013
CRANDON - When visitors travel down a highway, they might not notice all the Northwoods attractions. But with help from a program in Crandon, You'll be able to know about them before you pass by. Forest County Economic Development Parternship started a signage program a year ago. So far they've provided signs for two businesses.

One of them is the Potawatomi Stone Lake C-Store. Their goal is to make visitors more aware of things Crandon has to offer. "When you live in a county that primarily rural, a lot of people are seeing the county and passing points of interest at sixty miles per hour," said FCEDP President, R.T. Krueger. "So the idea behind this is to slow people down and give them a reason to stop. And use our businesses." This program serves only Forest County. Businesses have to pay for the signs themself. But Krueger says the program still helps a lot. "A business is going to be busy doing their business. When they find out how complicated the process is they're going to throw up their hands," Krueger said. "So this is an opportunity for them to pay for the advertising, but to have an economic development group actually doing the hard parts."

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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