Special teams, including Rhinelander woman, work through Arizona tragedy Submitted: 07/05/2013
YARNELL, AZ - Nineteen men died fighting the Yarnell Hill wildfire in Arizona on Sunday. Five days later, that fire still burns across almost 10,000 acres of the Arizona countryside. The fire became a serious issue early last weekend. Special teams were called from across the country to help with the fight. Rhinelander's Suzanne Flory is a member of one of those elite incident response teams.

She and her team arrived before the firefighter deaths on Sunday. "This has been a difficult fire for everybody. Prescott is right down the road from here. The Hotshot crew was from Prescott. A lot of them lived in this area with their families," she said Friday afternoon. Firefighters and support crews grieve the loss of those 19 men. But they also have to keep fighting a still-burning wildfire while they grieve. "It's an interesting vegetation type out here. It burns really hot and really fast, and then you'll have some hotspots here and there around the perimeter. Right now, we're at 80% containment. We're hoping for 100% containment in the next couple of days," she said. Several hundred firefighters are still working in central Arizona.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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