More travelers use airport Submitted: 07/02/2013
RHINELANDER - If you've been to the Rhinelander/Oneida County Airport, you know it's small and there are very few commercial flights. But an airline change has made the airport more popular. Delta started flying out of the airport on January 4th. Nearly six months later, the airport's seen a major increase in the amount of people using it.

"Since they've come into the market and replaced Frontier Airlines and such, we've seen a tremendous increase in our passenger traffic. As a matter of fact, year-to-date, we're up 48 percent," says Rhinelander/Oneida County Airport Director Joe Brauer. Brauer says having a major airline like Delta fly out of the airport is the main reason they're seeing more travelers. Most of the people that fly out of Rhinelander are business travelers. "One of the good things that we have is when Delta came into the market on January 4th, back to service back to Minneapolis, prior to that we saw a lot of our frequent flyers that were going to alternate airports because of their frequent flyer miles, because of the flight schedules and the connections that there's much more that they had, you know, compared to the previous carrier that we had in that market," says Brauer. They're getting some complaints because there aren't enough seats. Brauer says that's a good thing, since now there's more demand for the airport. The airport has a two year contract with Delta. With these great numbers Brauer hopes they will extend the contract.

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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