Town of Minocqua signs lease with Northwoods Zip Line Tour Submitted: 06/25/2013
RHINELANDER - You'll soon be able to zip through the trees of Minocqua. The Town of Minocqua signed a lease with Northwoods Zip Line Tour this morning. The deal took two years to put together. That's because the town wanted to make sure it was protected from any liability. Town chairman Mark Hartzheim has been working with the business owners since the beginning.

"We feel we're adequately protected within the lease terms. We also feel we have more dangerous ventures in town already like the AquaBat Ski Show, Winter Parking tubing hill, there's all kinds of places where we're exposed to more risky undertakings than this," Hartzheim said. "So that argument, if you're going to be afraid of liability and being sued, you're never going to do anything and you're going to die as a community." The Zip Line will go up next to Highway 51, just south of Gun Club Road. Josh Russart is the owner and president. He lives in Milwaukee, but owns a cabin in Minocqua. "The business owners are very welcoming and always helpful and always helping, versus other communities, so we just love being up here," Russart said. "So it was a no-brainer, choosing Minocqua." Russart and his business partner will break ground after the 4th of July. The zip line will open in May of next year.

Story By: Lex Gray

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