Tomahawk entrepreneur launches homemade candles Submitted: 06/25/2013
TOMAHAWK - For small business owners, keeping up with a changing economy can often mean being flexible with your business plans. For a Tomahawk woman it meant introducing a new product to her store. "It's a labor of love for me. It's something that I'm proud of." said Scarlet Garden owner, Dawn Baus. A labor of love indeed. Dawn Baus makes homemade candles.

That might sound like fun, but the four day process takes a lot of time and dedication. "I have several places I get my scents," Baus said. "Then it's a matter of creating, mixing and falling in love with while each time you mix your scents, you have to test all those." She started her Scarlet Garden floral shop business in 1995. Before that she was working a desk job and wanted to spread her creative wings. "It was kind of on a wimb. It was kind of I like this. I have no experience.' a nd I went and trained for a month with another florist," Baus said. "So it just evolved from there." Baus started creating her candles since this past winter, but started selling the new products over Memorial Day weekend. "You can buy candles everywhere. It's nothing new. But it's unique," said Baus. "It's got a great look. Like I said the uniqueness of the sense is what are really selling them and they sell themselves." Next, Baus wants to sell her candles online and at farmers markets.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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