New Rehabilitation Center opens doors to public Submitted: 06/22/2013
RHINELANDER - Having to go to a rehabilitation center to recover from injury or illness can add to your stress. But a new rehab center wants its patients to feel like they're gone to a resort. Today Rennes Health and Rehab Center in Rhinelander opened its doors for the public to see the new facility. People had the chance to tour the building. The rehab center has 72 beds, fire place lounges and family areas.

The facility has both long and short term care options. "This facility was built as a short term rehab facility and long term care skilled nursing facility," Rennes Health and Rehab Center Administrator, Kesley Bontz said. "It was built to have residents come in for some therapy services. Also to have residents come in and stay long term." Some visitors are already considering a long term stay. "I have a mother who lives in another area and eventually we'll have to consider something like this," said Sugar Camp resident, Debra Hildebrand. "And when she heard about the wide screen TV she was very enthused." Bontz says you can stop in anytime to get a tour of the new facility.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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