Senate debate continues into night on biennial budget Submitted: 06/20/2013
MADISON - The biggest bill in Wisconsin government is just two steps from becoming law. But that second-to-last step is taking a long time. The Senate started to debate the state budget this morning. But they're several hours into debate late at night.

The biggest debate between Democrats and Republicans has been whether Wisconsin is going in a fundamentally good or bad direction. "Forty-seven states plus the District of Columbia are doing better than the state of Wisconsin. Of those three states, Wisconsin lost the most jobs," said Sen. Julie Lassa, (D) Stevens Point. "Look at what you have done to the property-taxpayers of this state. We aren't going to apologize for giving people back their money. We will not apologize for that," said Sen. Mike Ellis, (D) Neenah. Minority Democrats have brought several amendments to the floor. One of the most controversial was to kill the proposal to expand private school vouchers. Each amendment has been defeated so far. Democrats plan to introduce several more amendments. Democratic leader Chris Larson told reporters they hoped to have a final vote "before midnight". Republicans expect the budget bill to pass. If it does, it will go to Governor Walker for final approval.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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