Oneida County pushes broadband connectivity for citizens and business Submitted: 06/20/2013
RHINELANDER - Many people visit the Northwoods as a place to get away from cell phones, emails, and constant connection. But people who live here need those options for home and business. Development leaders say Oneida County is a poorly connected place in terms of technology. Doing business or personal work through broadband IN the city of Rhinelander works pretty well.

Just about anywhere else in Oneida County, though, can be a struggle. Having broadband is no longer just a nice perk for people who like technology or who live in the city. "Internet access is like electricity. It's like getting water to your house. It's critical. They call it the information superhighway, but the internet really is as important as a road when it comes to doing business," says Oneida County Community Resource Development Agent Tim Brown. Only a few areas have the top level of service in Oneida County. That leaves smaller communities and rural areas lacking. Development leaders want county and town governments to work to improve broadband. But the government can't provide the service. That would be illegal. So instead, they need to convince providers to come here. "There is demand here, that there is money to be made here, and we encourage you to invest in building more connections in our community," Brown says. You can help the effort. Follow the link below to take a survey on broadband needs in your area.

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Story By: Ben Meyer

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