Rhinelander again welcomes American flag downtown Submitted: 06/18/2013
RHINELANDER - A huge American flag flying over Rhinelander fills most of us with pride. Last year, city leaders tried to put a flag up on the AT&T tower in downtown Rhinelander. But it was too big. AT&T is hoping this 15x25 foot flag will be a better fit. Today was the third attempt to get a flag to fly on the downtown cell tower.

"Hopefully it will work and be successful," Blaine Oborn said. "I think it is going to be a great addition to the community because it really brings out that patriotic-ness and celebrates those who served in the military, and it makes recognition of our county." The flag flew for about 15 minutes, then caught on itself and tangled. But Rhinelander Mayor Dick Johns is still optimistic. "I would have liked to have it up earlier, but it is beautiful today, Johns said. "I'm glad its here and I hope our problems are over with it." The city plans on flying the flag all summer. They'll likely take it down for the winter because the weather conditions make it difficult to maintain.

Story By: Adam Fox

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