Ordinance could change look of Wausau city sidewalks Submitted: 06/13/2013
WAUSAU - If you frequent the sidewalks of downtown Wausau, you could soon notice less room to walk. That's because a new ordinance allows you to eat and drink on city sidewalks. The Wausau City Council passed the ordinance earlier this week. Restaurants will be allowed to set up cafés outside of their buildings. Orval Quamme owns a yogurt shop in downtown Wausau. He thinks the change will attract more business.

"I think it's a terrific idea, absolutely terrific, Quamme said. "I think the business will capitalize on that because open air dining is a terrific thing." But everyone isn't happy. Another ordinance passed says mobile food vendors can't work within 75 feet of restaurants selling similar items. Karla Van Wagner owns the Yo Chubby Gringo cart. She has made a petition online with 180 signatures hoping to decrease the distance from 75 feet to 25 feet. Michael Vraney is a downtown customer. He says both sides need to find a compromise. "The point is for everyone to be sustainable and make a profit," Vraney said. "Having food trucks and restaurants are good for Wausau. I think everyone can win if they come to an agreement." The new ordinances will be tested this Wednesday, June 19, when the summer Concerts on the Square begin. The event starts at 6 pm.

Story By: Adam Fox

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