Northwoods Magazine Reaches 35,000 Readers Submitted: 05/23/2013
PRESQUE ISLE - You can find a magazine for almost any hobby, interest or passion. If your passion is the great state of Wisconsin (and whose isn't?), there's now a magazine for that, too. "Our Wisconsin" is a magazine that's more of a friendly conversation between neighbors. It features photos and stories from around the state.

Editor Mike Beno lives in Presque Isle. He moved there to retire from the magazine industry, but that didn't last long. "We think there's a lot of stories in Wisconsin that really deserve to be told. Stories from people across the state, all 72 counties," Beno said. "'Our Wisconsin' is written by readers, it gives people a chance to put voice to their stories." The first issue of the magazine came out in December. Since then, 35,000 people have subscribed. "I did not expect it to grow this fast. Our direct-mail issue went out, the average in the industry is one to two percent response," Beno said. "We got north of 23 percent. So we have high hopes for the magazine." Beno talked to people in Boulder Junction about the magazine at the library tonight. A man from Boulder Junction took the photo you see on the first issue.

Story By: Lex Gray

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