Students Raise Money To Teach Kids In China Submitted: 05/20/2013
MINOCQUA - Most kids like to spend summer break fishing, camping or just hanging out. But two Northwoods teenagers want to get right back into school in another country. But they need help. Two students at Lakeland Union High School only have 24 days left to meet their $6,000 goal. Nathan Grebe and Steven Zhang are trying to raise money to join a three week summer camp in Beijing, China.

Their goal is to teach young children to read and speak English. Just last week they started a project on online where you can see their plans. Grebe hopes they will meet their goal. "I've always been interested in China and the home life there. It would be really cool to go there." said Grebe. "It's so big and I've never really been out of Minocqua other than a couple trips around the… Arizona and Washington D.C." Zhang participated in the same Chinese summer camp last year. But he wants Grebe to come along so they can share the culture of China with everyone else by filming it. "Most people don't know a lot about it. It's just like China just seems like a faraway exotic, kind of alien idea to most people." Zhang said. "Since Nate has never been outside the united states, it's his first time in a new country, hopefully documenting his experiences will give the average American a window to the world of Chinese culture." They've raised just $520 so far. Their deadline is June 14th. You can help them achieve this goal by donating on their kickstarter page.

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Story By: Shardaa Gray

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