Community Celebrates Longtime Business By Planting Liberty Elm Trees Submitted: 05/18/2013
RHINELANDER - Trees can be found just about everywhere in the northwoods. But there's one tree that hasn't been in Rhinelander for a while. Carlson Funeral Service celebrated its 100 year anniversary as part of the Rhinelander community. Today more than 100 people joined them in planting 100 young Liberty Elm Trees. After planting the tree, they put a white wrap around them to prevent animals from getting to them.

Carlson Funeral Home director Bruce Carlson will need a little help keeping the animals from nibbling on the trees. "We just ask people in the community if they could watch out for them please," Carlson said. "If they want to they're welcome to water them. They need water and if it doesn't rain around here that would be very helpful." More than 25 organizations helped with this project. But there was one that wanted to make one of its trees unique. "Our tree is in memory of Duane, Mary Ann and Mitch Huebner. And the Huebner family was a very active 4-H family in our county," 4-H member, Hanna Mahner said. "We lost all three of them to types of cancer. They're also very important to our family." "We decided to dedicate one to the Huebner family because they're a huge asset on Oneida county." said 4-H president, Zach Rinehart. The trees have been planted throughout the city. They'll finish getting them all planted Monday.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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