Landlord and Tenant's Rights Could Change Submitted: 05/17/2013
STATEWIDE - When renters don't pay their bills, landlords have a right to evict them. So shouldn't landlords also have a right to evict their stuff? Actually, that's against the law, but the Wisconsin Assemby might change that. The current law says that a landlord can't throw away a tenant's belongings even if they evict them. The only exception is if the landlord writes in the lease that a tenant's abandoned things belong to the landlord.

The new law would change that - leave things behind, and they automatically belong to the landlord. Anthony Skelly manages Pelican River Estates in Rhinelander. He says evicting someone requires many warnings and a long legal process, so people should have plenty of time to move their things before they leave. "You've had formal notice, plus you know we're going to court, so you should have been prepared in getting everything packed and ready to go," Skelly said. "It's not like we're throwing you out in the middle of the night. This is not Russia, we don't do that here." The Assembly will vote on the bill June 6. If it passes, the Senate and Governor still have to approve it before it becomes law.

Story By: Lex Gray

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