Logging Work Started Massive Wildfire Submitted: 05/17/2013
MADISON - A logging operation triggered what became Wisconsin's biggest wildfire in 33 years. Investigators say negligence was not involved in the blaze in Douglas and Bayfield counties. A logger noticed smoke coming from equipment while harvesting timber Tuesday afternoon. Efforts were made to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, while another member of the logging crew called 911.

The DNR got to the scene within 10 minutes. The DNR says Douglas County prosecutors do not plan to file any criminal charges. 17 homes were destroyed and dozens of people had to evacuate before the fire contained Wednesday night. No injuries have been reported from the fire, which burned more than 8,000 acres. The fire started near Simms Lake in Douglas County, 40 miles southeast of Duluth, Minnesota. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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