Anti-Tobacco Middle Schoolers Spread Message in Rhinelander Submitted: 05/16/2013
RHINELANDER - Using tobacco shouldn't be on the minds of middle schoolers. Instead, middle schoolers, in Rhinelander are fighting the tactics of big tobacco companies. FACT - Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco - wants to draw attention to advertising strategies of tobacco companies.

"Tobacco companies are targeting students my age and younger, and they're hiding poison inside candy flavors, so kids are more interested in it, and they're packaging it so it's more colorful," says eighth grader Nicki Metropulos. Friday night is the annual anti-tobacco lock-in for teenagers in Rhinelander. On Thursday, students at James Williams Middle School worked to draw their peers to Friday's event. "We're doing hula-hooping, and hula-hooping contests, to try and draw attention to us, for people to know to come. Yesterday, we did chalking outside," says eighth grader Haley Sisel. The lock-in is free and open to all teens. It runs from 7 to 11 pm Friday at Rhinelander High School.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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