GOP, Dems Buck Governor on School Aid Submitted: 05/15/2013
WISCONSIN - Republicans and Democrats agreeing on something? Yes. It's happening on something big in the Wisconsin Assembly. Representatives from the two parties are coming together in support of more school aid. Many Assembly Republicans say GOP Governor Scott Walker wants to give too little money to public schools in his budget proposal.

A rare ally, Assembly Democrats, are pleased to have GOP representatives come closer to their side. "They realize when they go back to their districts, they are being told repeatedly that schools will not be able to survive with the budget they have. I think more and more people are realizing it, and I applaud the ones who want to see change," says Stevens Point Democratic Rep. Katrina Shankland. Last week, the state's Department of Revenue said they expected to take in half a billion dollars more than originally projected between now and 2015. Now, many Republicans want a big part of that money to go to schools. "I think that's absolutely what we should be looking at. I've seen some movement, potentially, out of the Governor's office that he might agree with a portion of that money being allocated to K-12 funding," says Rhinelander Republican Rep. Rob Swearingen. Walker's last budget cut school aid by millions of dollars. This year's proposal only restores part of that. Next up in the process - the budget committee will review the Governor's proposal.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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