Three Lakes Gets A New Fire Chief Submitted: 05/13/2013
THREE LAKES - Three Lakes will soon see a new chief at their fire department. Dave Kirby was recently named the new fire chief. He has been with the fire department for almost 30 years. Kirby says fire fighters have always been in his family. "I have an uncle and several other family members who are full-time fire fighters in Chicago and things like that," said Kirby.

"So it was always a hope and dream to do this. So when the opportunity came to join the three lakes fire department I did." Working in the fire department can be tough at times, especially in areas like Three Lakes. One of the main difficulties is response time. "Daytime response as well as evening response you never know really who you're going to have." said Kirby. "So you put your crew togetherů you play with the hand you're dealt with. That's why it's so great for everybody to be cross trained in a lot of different areas." Water shortages have caused problems in the past. But the department has a new toy that will make it easier to put out big fires. "We're getting ready for our boat and we have a pump," Kirby said. "We actually have a new piece of equipment that will deliver water right to the fire scene from the lake and we can launch the boat and have water right on site." If you're interested in joining three lakes fire department, Kirby says you can stop by anytime.

Story By: Shardaa Gray & Ben Meyer

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