Lac du Flambeau sexual and domestic assault advocates hope to help Submitted: 05/08/2013
LAC DU FLAMBEAU - Some of us call the Northwoods home because it's a safe place to live. But violent crimes do happen here, sometimes inside our homes. Sometimes by the people we live with. Lac du Flambeau has a new team to help victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. "Everybody would love to believe that these types of crimes don't happen in the Northwoods, when in reality it happens in every single community," advocate Andrea Wolfe said.

When sexual assault or domestic violence happens here, there is help. The newly formed Sensitive Response Team has advocates to help the victim from the scene of the crime to finding justice and peace. "I'm trained to be there," Wolfe said. "I can stay with my victim from the time I show up at the door to the house, I can take them to the hospital, I can stay in the room with them during the exam if that's what they want. I can explain everything that's being done to them." The team in Lac du Flambeau coordinates medical professionals, law enforcement, and legal help for victims. They can also provide a safe place to stay for individuals or families. They promise to keep all information confidential so it's safe to come forward and ask for help.

Story By: Kailey Burton

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