Walk MS Northwoods Will Raise Money for Research Submitted: 05/07/2013
RHINELANDER - A year ago, people with multiple sclerosis didn't have a common place in the Northwoods to share their struggles. Now, we're less than a week away from the biggest MS event ever in the area. The Northwoods MS Self Help group formed last year. On Saturday, they'll host the newest version of a national spring tradition - an MS Walk.

"This is our first year, and it's a learning experience, but I think that it should be a fun day, and that's what all of our walks are. People come out and they just have a good time - fellowship, friendship," says walk coordinator Janet Marie Carlstedt. The walk is Saturday morning outside Rhinelander High School. Newswatch 12 is entering a team to help raise money for MS research. You can donate to our team or join the walk yourself by following the link below.

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Story By: Ben Meyer

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